Texas Governor Signs Bill Banning Taxpayer Funding-Abortions
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill today that bans taxpayer funding of abortions via the insurance industry. Abbott signed House Bill 214 (HB 214) that will protect Texans from paying for the abortions of others through their tax dollars and health insurance premiums. The bill limits insurance coverage for abortion procedures. Under this new law Texans will not be forced to pay for elective ...

300 Babies Saved From Abortion After Abortion-Started
While it continues to be a sore spot for its pro-abortion deniers, the science behind Abortion Pill Reversal is compelling enough to gain the blessing of California’s Board of Registered Nursing, the board announced July 28. Following an audit that lasted well over a year, the board notified pro-life affiliation networks Heartbeat International and National Institutes of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) they were each ...

Feminists Blast Serena For Heartfelt Comment About-Motherhood
Serena Williams is one of the most decorated female tennis players in history, having been No. 1 in the world multiple times. Yet, her recent remarks about motherhood suggest she won’t be missing the court all that much with her bundle of joy to look forward to. In an interview with Stellar Magazine, Williams declared that she won’t feel like a “real woman” until she has her first child. ...

Franklin Graham Slams Planned Parenthood: Murdering Children
Pastor Franklin Graham took to Facebook to make his views clear on abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Graham minced no words in condemning the abortion company. The abortion business Planned Parenthood now is targeting the youngest school children of all with its sex agenda and part of Graham’s reasoning for posting had to do with that. “Remember, Planned Parenthood ...

CNN Host Chris Cuomo Claims: No-One-Knows When-Human-Life-Begins.
An exchange between Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), and CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday about the White House’s credibility turned into a revealing exchange over whether abortion was about science or religion. “You’re wrong on the science many of you who believe that people on the pro-life side aren’t looking at the science of it, ” Schlapp said. “Come on the science ...

David Daleiden Fights Judge’s Order Stopping Videos
Attorneys from the Thomas More Society joined their co-defense counsel in filing an appeal with the United States Supreme Court asking the Court to hear the case of David Daleiden, the 28-year old undercover journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the commercial trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts and to overturn a court imposed gag order that barred Daleiden from releasing hundreds of hours of still more videos ...

You Can’t be Democrat if You-Don’t Support-Abortion
The head of the nation’s biggest abortion company is not very happy that Democrats are considering supporting candidates who are pro-life. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards essentially says that you can’t be a Democrat if you don’t support abortion and that the Democratic Party should not support any candidate who opposes abortion.   In an interview with The Hill published Monday, Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), chairman ...

Trump appoints pro-life governor To Protect Freedom
WASHINGTON DC  31st July 2017 LIFESITENEWS: President Trump has appointed one of the most pro-life and pro-natural marriage advocates to an ambassadorship designed to protect the rights of religious people the world over. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is Trump's pick for a religious persecution watchdog post called "Ambassador for Religious Freedom." Brownback will lead the Office of International Religious Freedom, under the State Department, which ...

Woman Changes Mind After Taking Abortion Drug
Almost two years ago, Samantha nearly destroyed the lives of her unborn twins in an abortion. A college student at the time, Samantha (not her real name) said she took the abortion drug RU-486 and quickly regretted it. The Pennsylvania woman shared her story recently with ABC 27 News. Samantha has two healthy 1-year-old twins today, thanks to doctors who treated ...

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